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3 ways to grow a business

There are only 3 ways to grow a business

Increase sales with new customers

Make it easy for your customers to find your business online. Then get them to take action towards the sale.

Increase the value per transaction

Clearly define your value proposition with smart marketing. Price becomes secondary when your customer knows the results they can achieve.

Get customers to buy more often

Deliver products, services and support worth talking about. Building ongoing relationships matters for repeat business.




Our areas of expertise have been carefully aligned to this pivotal business understanding. Focusing our attention on the things that matter, to grow your business online.

Strategic Web Design · Customer Attraction · Customer Conversion · Customer Retention

Explore the core areas of expertise below. And imagine what your business could be like attracting and converting more new customers, more often. Generating the returns you really want. To make a life, not just a living.

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Web Design & Development

Strategic Web Design

Your website is the centre of your digital strategy. Where you engage and motivate your prospects. It is built only when you truly understand your ideal customer or client. What makes them tick. What motivates them to take action. And how your product or service will be positioned to solve their problems. Decisive. Strategic.

Intelligent design fits your market like a glove. It just feels right. Clean, clear and compelling content and images. Evoking trust, stability and assurance in moving forward with a commitment. Taking positive steps towards the sale. Your outcomes are clear and the path to them logical, seamless and appealing. Encompassing the customer strategies for truly impressive results. Complete. Compelling.

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Customer attraction

Customer Attraction

So you have an amazing website. Now you need it to start working for you. Your ideal customer or client needs to be able to find your business online. Easily. And not by knowing your name. They need to find you online when searching for the products or services you deliver. Visible. Prominent.

Customer attraction strategies are more than just visibility online. Your brand will be appearing in search engine results, local business listings, paid advertising and on other websites. Each interaction creating appeal. Drawing your prospects on to your website. Effortlessly. Engaging.


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Customer conversion


Customer Conversion

The ultimate conversion is making the sale. But this doesn’t always happen on your website. Or at least not right away. Conversions are about moving your prospect one step closer to the sale. And each conversion, or a ‘small commitment’, strengthens the next. Towards a sale, a quote request or to pick up the phone to start a conversation. Intuitive. Seamless. Desirable.

Improving conversions is a relentless focus. With changes driven by data, not opinions. Plan > Implement > Review > Refine. Build trust on and off your website to gain commitments. Test the words you use, the emotion you trigger, the structure of your offer or your value proposition. Testing one option against the other will lead you to your winners. And drive your profits higher. Dig. Delve. Prosper.

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Customer retention

Customer Retention

So often the neglected pillar of business growth. And it might be your next goldmine. Your existing customers buying from you again is faster, easier and cheaper than generating new customers. 3 compelling reasons to develop and implement retention strategies. Smart. Powerful. Rewarding.

Your customers hold the key to more than just repeat purchases. Deliver on your promises. Excel in service and support. This is what makes your business memorable and opens the door to referrals. Your ideal customers or clients recommending like minded people. Simple. Persuasive. Profitable.


Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials



ipi“Graham delivered a complete online marketing solution that now earns hundreds of thousands of dollars per year”

I must admit this is the first time I’ve ever found a website developer and marketing expert in one.

I also had Graham look at my existing business website and with his skills and knowledge for the first time ever our website now earns money and his automated customer service strategies have dramatically increased our business through referrals.

I’m techno challenged however Graham made the whole process very easy for me to understand and implement. Graham Vidler and Weave Media helped take my idea to money in the bank. I’m very happy to recommend his services to you as I’m sure he can do the same for you.

Leon Cupit – Managing Director – Independent Property Inspections, TAS

artoftea“Graham is a highly competent, approachable and focused web designer and SEO expert for businesses”

I was impressed with his up to the minute knowledge, and strategic approach to industry, business & customer research, which led to the development of my custom designed site and marketing campaign. He delivered a website that allows for my growing business needs & incorporated my requests for functionality, feel and style, and within my current budget.

He is a “straight shooter” and provides the business owner with non-jargon design & development feedback throughout the process.

I would highly recommend Graham Vidler for delivering websites and SEO campaigns, in the currently competitive web market to suit your current and future business needs.

Samantha Brown – Manager – The Art of Tea, TAS

More about Weave Media

More about Weave Media

More than just web design and development, Hobart Tasmania. Technical solutions and WordPress customisation with our experienced web developer. Offering a full range of digital marketing services including Google Ads management, search engine optimisation (SEO) and Woocommerce powered ecommerce stores.